ShowLenses (4 pairs) Price Includes Shipping!

Enjoy your new Genuine ShowLenses® Mustang fog/driving light covers…

                        from Harman’s Signs & Special T’s®

                    We Still Sell Custom Airbrushed Ponies, Taillight Sequencers, Striping, and the Heritage Honeycomb Blackout  Tail Panels!  

                    Buy 2 sets, Get 2 Sets FREE!*

                            $20 for 2 pair + $5 Priority USPS S/H = $25 (Canadain postage $10) Postage went up but our prices didnt!

Coupon Repeat customers always get an extra set, (2 lenses) of a color, Free! Just ask for them!

* Free sets limited to colors, ie. Amber, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red (Smoke and Limo Black excluded)

Examples: Buy 2 sets Amber get 2 Free sets Yellow. Buy 1 set Smoke, 1 set Limo Black, get 2 sets Amber (or an Amber and a Yellow), you get the idea...


Welcome Back Special for Pony Package owners! Please, all GT owners: tell all your Pony Friends to:

Email me for details on how to get Two FREE sets of Pony ShowLenses, PONY UP!

(Quantity is limited. First come first served)


Caution! Check your state laws; for example, Illinois law prohibits displaying Blue on the front of a non-emergency vehicle.

ShowLenses are sold for "off road use" only. You however, may use them wherever/however YOU prefer :-)


Installation Simply flex lens and slide it in-between the glass and the outer trim ring starting at the bottom and work it in till you get to the top, then bend the top edge till it pops in. Walla! You’re done!


Important instructions... For the Smoke & Limo-Black static: wet (drench) both the light and the lens w/ soapy spray and use a (wet) squeegee holding lens so it'll stick and be centered w/ no bubbles, wet outer surface and smooth outward from center. Do this w/ lights on so you can see the bubbles. You'll get it. To remove, use a flat instrument such as a screwdriver to force back an edge of ‘em in a prying motion to get edge started off the lens, then, just pull gently. Clean and then store for later use. If you never run the color lenses hot (on while in the rain) they’ll stay crisp and flat. Otherwise, a slight distortion will occur and this is normal.


Care & Maintenance Do not use ammonia based cleaners on the lenses. Gently wipe bugs off with micro fiber towel, do not let soap dry between lens and light. Yes, these lenses will show wear upon close inspection, but from any distance all will look fine—even if you happen to get a few small creases from working with them.

We recommend keeping one set just for use at special occasions such as car shows and cruise nights. I run mine all the time, day and night! (I’ve never lost one going down the road.)


Email your Photos Doing so means I can use same to show off color schemes.

We’d like to see your ride! Send them to:


Disclaimer/Warning: If you are concerned that your factory lenses stay factory pristine, or if you ever expect to show your car in a Concourse Judged (Stock Condition) event, and do not want to suffer points for *slight surface scratches or crackling on your factory driving or fog light lenses, then do not purchase this product.

*How this may occur: With the colored showlenses, you are standing a sheet of acetate in front of your fogs and this lens is held in place by the trim ring. Naturally, as a result of the wind striking the front of your ride, there will be some friction between the showlense and your fog light lens. This friction can result in slight scratches to the factory surface. With the static cling Smoke or Limo-Black showlenses, the friction is reduced as they are clinging to the factory lens. However, both styles of showlenses can reduce the natural ability of your light to dissipate heat, whether from the light being on, or from sunlight, this condition may cause the described crackling. Solution: Relax, enjoy the look and don’t be concerned with small scratches or crackling. It’s just a car. The lights will still work! To enjoy the look of custom lens covers on your ride and reduce your factory lens’ exposure to scratches or crackling, to use them at an event such as a car show, just mount them upon arrival and remove them at the end of the show.



Harman’s Signs & Special T’s - DBA SHOWLENSES.COM will Not be responsible for any damage to your ride.

My 05 GT fog lights have shown some slight scratching, however; have not suffered the described crackling. These lenses have been used on my personal ride for at least 2 years with what I considered to be negligible adverse effects. Then again, my ride almost always wears a pair of showlenses so the above conditions were not a concern for me. However, it may be a concern for you. At the time of your purchase this disclaimer was posted on our eBay and web advertisements. By purchasing and using this product you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our disclaimer.


Some people will like ‘em some won’t. It’s your ride so who cares!

As with any product of this nature, “Nuthin Last Forever”, that is why I sell in sets.

Power-washing your car with lenses in place is not recommended unless you have Limo-Black or Smoke.


Please leave your feedback on eBay. Thank You for your purchase!

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© 2005

ShowLenses (4 pairs) Price Includes Shipping!
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